Candidate Services

A wide range of roles and the highest profes­sional standards.

Candidate Services

As an IT profes­sional, whose skills are in great demand, you’ll expect two key qualities from your recruit­ment agency: deep, genuine sector expertise and high profes­sional stand­ards. So, let’s lay out our promise to you in our technical niches.


Our consult­ants will give your career and ambitions a thorough examin­a­tion through our Osirian Career Clinic method­o­logy. We combine your profile with our extensive market knowledge of techno­lo­gies and company trends to offer you unique and relevant oppor­tun­ities – roles that match your exper­i­ence with your desired career goals.

Also, by taking a career-led approach to you, we provide support and advice that extends far beyond the routines of the standard recruit­ment process. We’ll consist­ently provide you feedback from inter­views, and work with you to overcome any role rejec­tions to prepare you for the next hot oppor­tunity. And once in a new role, we’ll always be there for you with career advice; from promo­tions to helping you plan your next move.

Our Specialist Sectors

Development and Support

Our SME IT team has oppor­tun­ities in start-up and medium size businesses that are investing in techno­logy. These roles range from Software Engin­eers with a focus on JavaS­cript market (Node.js, React, React Native, etc.) to IT support and infra­struc­ture. Roles in this division are a blend of both permanent and contract and range from first line support roles to IT Managers.

SAP Projects

With over 20 years’ expertise providing expert and niche resource in the SAP sector – and more recently, consulting services – Osirian can provide you deep insight. This knowledge enables us to provide you with higher quality advice and roles than conven­tional recruit­ment agencies can.

Through our exper­i­ence and wide array of relation­ships, we’re invited onto the project planning early. So, we have roles from project ideation through to testing and training, which are often not avail­able from any other source.

Project and Change Management

Osirian’s dedic­ated Project and Change Manage­ment team are experts in project manage­ment trends and have a portfolio of projects for both permanent and contract roles, including Programme Managers, Project Managers, PMOs and Business Analysts.

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