Services for clients

Services For Clients

We are pleased to be able to say we enjoy extensive customer loyalty, which we fully appreciate is founded solely on customer satisfaction.

We always strive to establish long-term relationships with clients and as a result the services we provide for a particular organisation frequently develop over time.

Recruitment Services

This is our core business; - the majority of our clients use us - or start off using us - in a 'traditional' recruitment role, supplying Professional, Technical and Managerial candidates for either Contract or Permanent placement in their organisation. The majority of our business is placed in the UK, Europe and the Middle East but we are able to work on a global scale.


Osirian Consulting will use this as a consultative stage to determine the suitability of the applicant for the temporary position. This ensures that Osirian Consulting recruitment programmes remain driven by customer requirements and quality is maintained. Osirian Consulting will ensure that only candidates matching the required skill sets will be submitted as suitable applicants for the position.


Osirian Consulting will conduct an in-depth interview with each applicant to ensure a thorough understanding of the applicant's skills, qualifications, personal references, work experience, availability, limitations and career objectives, and suitability for the post. CV's will be current and Osirian Consulting will use a completeness check on all CV's. Osirian Consulting will vet all potential applicants to ensure that you will interview only the very best candidates.


Osirian Consulting will establish evaluation criteria to enable them to meet our client's requirements. Each applicant's primary skills must be evaluated to determine their skill level, accuracy, capability and application. Osirian Consulting is committed to enhancing the applicant's skills. All candidates must prove that they are legally entitled to work in the UK and relevant documentation is sought, copied and verified. All candidates are fully referenced.

Managed Services

Often developing out of an initial 'traditional' recruitment service relationship, we can also provide a fully managed recruitment service. Here, clients out-source the entire process to us, resulting in high quality and relevant recruitment solutions, efficiencies and cost-savings. Services are tailored to individual customer requirements, ranging from recruiting for specific projects through to managing the staffing of an organisation's entire team or division.

Project Services

If you have a smaller project and nobody to run it in-house, or perhaps not the team required, then Osirian can step in, providing either a complete project solution or the necessary project management. All aspects of a project's lifecycle can be covered. This can often be a more cost-effective option for clients in comparison to setting-up and managing an in-house team to tackle a project, or going to one of the large consultancies.

Search & Selection

We are well practiced in the art of search & selection using it regularly to identify the very best available individuals using our exceptional knowledge of the markets we work in.

When you have higher level requirements from Director or Board level through to mid-level appointments we are confident that our methodologies and comprehensive expertise in identifying the very best people in the market enable us to provide top level candidates for you with complete confidentiality. We adhere to best practice methodologies using sensitivity to both the client and candidate to ensure complete trust of all parties.

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