How we help our clients

How We Help Our Clients

With Osirian working with you, you will gain from us all the things you should expect from a specialist recruitment company and more.

As you would expect:

Our staff are specialists in their fields, which means they understand your needs, the market and the skill-sets of candidates.

In turn, our specialist position is recognised and valued by candidates, meaning we can consistently source otherwise hard-to-find skills-sets.

Our time-tested methodology delivers good speed of response and consistently high quality candidates.

We will save you time because our expertise means we will only send you the very best candidates in the marketplace. Typically, our CV-to-interview and interview-to-placement ratios are less than 3-to-1, meaning our clients waste less time finding the staff they require.

We ensure candidate suitability from both a skill and culture perspective.

We carry out work permit checks, psychometric assessments and skill-testing as necessary. We require at least two references per candidate.

We can provide contract, temporary and permanent staff, and have the team and processes in place to handle both smaller and larger scale recruitment needs.

We generally work throughout the UK and Europe but our reach in the industry is far and wide so we have a number of individuals working globally.

And more:

We don't stop there. Unlike any rival company that we know of, if required, we also support our clients in -

  • The effective interviewing of expert staff;
  • Creating and carrying out meaningful testing procedures;
  • Creating job specifications that will deliver the calibre of staff required;
  • Taking extremely detailed references for potential candidates to validate their attributes and attitudes, and discussing with you any concerns arising.

Hiring good staff is one thing; hiring the best possible staff is another. We help our clients achieve the best possible.

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