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Across the U.K.‘s profes­sional services firms, risk and techno­logy leaders like you are strug­gling to maintain the three core C.I.A. principles covering their data: Confid­en­ti­ality, Integ­rity and Availability.

The increased legis­la­tion, cyber-attacks and remote working are driving up finan­cial and reputa­tional risk – at a time of dwind­ling skilled infosec professionals.
At Osirian, we’ve witnessed the demand and import­ance of these roles over the past two years, and we’ve responded by devel­oping our dedic­ated, specialist Infosec Team.

We’ve supported CISOs, C.I.O.s, C.F.O.s and C.E.O.s in sourcing the rare, in-demand profes­sionals that will ensure their most precious assets – customer data, finan­cial data or intel­lec­tual property – is secure and avail­able through the InfoSec talent we’ve provided.

We’ve developed a model that’s been calib­rated for your success by reducing risk at every touch­point of the hiring journey. Our model includes: talent mapping, exhaustive screening/referencing, and salary-bench­marking through to inter­view training. Result: success where others fail.

The flip side to this model is the need for exclus­ivity. The reason is that unearthing passive, rare candid­ates requires our senior recruiters to work a limited number of roles for extensive campaigns, so we need the assur­ance that the position is exclusive. We’ve found that an initial up-front fee brings commit­ment from both sides, which leads to trust and success.

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