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All across the UK, and throughout every link in the IT Channel, sales leaders like you are suffering the same issue: missed sales oppor­tun­ities due to a lack of avail­able, exper­i­enced sales professionals.

With such pressure, it can be tempting to fill your sales teams with risky hires that have some sales exper­i­ence. But you know that’s fools’ gold. Because the idiosyn­crasies between vendor, reseller and distrib­utor sales matter, along with the techno­logy being sold: hardware, cyber­se­curity, AV or enter­prise software solutions. Expecting a hardware peripherals sales­person to sell sophist­ic­ated enter­prise software will invari­ably fail.

Osirian IT Channel Sales & Marketing have addressed this problem by harvesting the data and knowledge on every sales-player and techno­logy vendor, distrib­utor and reseller to under­stand whom you need. To build a cohesive team. To hit your numbers. To gain market-share.

We know all the Account Managers and BDMs shifting the hardware, AV, cyber­se­curity and cloud/software solutions across the IT Channel. We’ve mapped who they are, their sales numbers and what they want from a new challenge. And most import­antly, we know whether they’ll be suitable for your business.

Also, because our market knowledge is so compre­hensive, you won’t even need to brief us. Instead, we build an exclusive relation­ship with the hot sales & marketing profes­sionals and only market them to relevant companies. So, it’s much better to hire our candid­ates before we place them at your competitors.

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