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Remove risk and find talent swiftly.


Client feedback over two decades in SAP resourcing is that they want:

  • A slick and efficient resourcing process
  • To get the best resource with the least risk

These two factors have determ­ined how we run the business: they drive our mindset and underpin every assign­ment we take on.

You may need rapid action and a response on avail­ab­ility and costs today – but you probably don’t want to wade through 10 CVs that may have no more than a few matching keywords. You want to spend the minimum amount of time and effort to get the best person – which means our job is to do intel­li­gent filtering and searching for you. A task we can achieve because of an extensive network built over 18 years that is expanding every week – allowing us to put a few of the best people in front of you, fast. In a busy market, where the best resources are snapped up quickly, speed matters.

You also want the best resources, people that will safely deliver what you need and not let you down. That’s easier said than done and requires some insightful thinking. It starts with getting the clearest possible under­standing of the real require­ment, asking clari­fying questions beyond a job or role spec, and contrib­uting ideas based on the years of exper­i­ence and thousands of place­ments we have conducted. We then dig deep into peoples’ profiles, reading between the lines and carrying out verbal refer­ences to ascer­tain the true compet­ence and style of a candidate before we put any candid­ates in front of you.

The result is an estab­lished reputa­tion for finding the best people that contribute to your safe delivery of SAP projects and services.

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Osirian helped me to solve a major problem in our business re-engin­eering project.  We couldn’t find consult­ants with the level of skills needed, the cost of delaying was over $1M a week and people said it was an impossible challenge.  Thank­fully, Osirian found the experts we needed and enabled us to meet our deadlines. At a time when everyone was under extreme pressure, Osirian’s flexible approach was a great help and I found them pleasant and painless to deal with.

Programme Manager, One of the World’s Top 3 Petro­chem­ical Companies